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©2017 by Kathryn Dick. 

Tēnā koutou


It gives me great pleasure to present an application for the position of Deputy Principal at Queen's High School. I have over 27 years experience in teaching, supporting and encouraging  young women to be the best they can be and I would relish the opportunity to bring my skills and expertise to the senior leadership team at Queen's High School.


We live in a fast paced and ever changing environment and the challenge to equip young women to succeed is as critical as it has ever been (perhaps more so).   The ability to co-operate, collaborate and be resilient in the face of change are fundamental skills, both for teachers and for students.  These are skills that I possess and which I work hard to pass on to others.   


From my starting position as an assistant teacher and Year 10 Dean, to my leadership of a Visual and Performing Arts department, working as a change-maker in English and performing the role of acting Assistant Principal, enhancing student well-being and achievement has been at the heart of what I do.  I want the young women I teach to leave school ready to face a world which might look very different to what their parents or even their older siblings have faced.  That requires not only a good understanding of the content of the curriculum but also a number of attributes and qualities that will sustain and serve them.  


I have consistently been an early adopter of future pedagogies promoting new ways of teaching and learning to increase student engagement. I am self-directed and discovery-driven in my professional development.  Consistent with this I have sought out opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise as a teacher and leader.  I have completed post-graduate study at Otago University, won a scholarship to observe schools overseas, and have worked for a number of years with NZQA, gaining an insight into teaching practice across New Zealand.  At the present time, I am researching Project Based Learning as a way to make learning at Years 9 to 11 relevant, authentic and the best for our girls’ well-being.  With the skills and experience I have amassed I believe it is now time for another exciting step in my career.  I would like that next step to be at Queen's High School.


I am and will always be, a reflective practitioner. Inquiry is at the heart of everything I do, whether it be a micro-lesson or a macro-vision of how I want to improve my department’s future-focused pedagogies. I am a team player.  I am loyal and I am not afraid to balance that with the build-measure-learn loop. I observe, I question and I innovate. Student well-being is at the heart of my vision and I have the tools to support and promote learning for diverse learners and special learning programmes. It is this all-embracing practice that equips me for the role of Deputy Principal at Queen's High School.


I firmly believe that my unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise is ideally suited to the Deputy Principal role within your Senior Leadership Team and I would value the opportunity to discuss this further with you. 



Nāku iti noa, nā


Kathryn Dick